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Island av- 

“In my most recent project, the main challenge was to manage to mix the different styles and personalities of the clients, with a furniture selection curated to last. Where feminine meets Brazilian modernism in

tropical Miami.

A lot of pieces, floating console, pedestal, bench, 

and cushions, were also designed and custom-made to

respond to specific functions and aesthetic.”

Furnishing, decor, stylism

Miami Beach, USA


Photos par Jorge Castillo


"Amandine was fantastic. From the very first meeting, I knew we had a connection; she understood my tastes without me even having to express them extensively.

She took the time to truly listen to what we envisioned for our home and prioritized our needs effectively.

Working with her was enjoyable and an absolute pleasure, as she consistently came up with wonderful and thoughtful ideas to make our home feel cozy and imbued with personality.

I cannot recommend her highly enough and look forward to having a larger home so we can work on it all over again."

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