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rue Caulaincourt 

Coordinating primarily from Miami, I had the pleasure of meeting the client in Paris to embark on an inspiring journey together. Our initial face-to-face encounters allowed me to truly understand her preferences and refine her vision by exploring various stores throughout Paris. This personal connection laid the groundwork for a seamless collaboration, despite the physical distance.

The apartment, discovered through, held immense potential that we were eager to unlock. Recognizing the importance of lighting in transforming the ambiance, we undertook significant efforts to enhance it, completely reshaping the mood of the space.

Aligned with the client's initial brief, the resulting design is a harmonious blend of warmth, welcoming vibes, and subtle pops of energy and color. Carefully curated to reflect her personality, each room exudes a sense of softness and tranquility.

Our renovation efforts were comprehensive, encompassing everything from flooring to the ceiling. We revised the electrical layout, elevated the ceiling, and added elegant moldings for a touch of sophistication. In the bedroom, we optimized the layout to create a more spacious feel, incorporating a larger bed, increased storage, and a dedicated work area.

This project is a testament to the power of trust, collaboration, and attention to detail. 

Full renovation, furnishing and stylism

Paris, France



Overall, I'm thrilled with the outcome; friends have remarked that the space truly reflects me, which is the ultimate compliment.

Thank you for bringing my vision to life.


Working with you since July has been an incredible experience. I truly appreciated our exchanges; you were immediately attentive to my desires. The Pinterest exercise was particularly helpful in refining my taste. Your proposals were always spot-on, and I never felt rushed or judged. Your reassuring presence during challenging moments, especially towards the end of the project, was invaluable. Your availability and your patience was commendable remarkable. There were countless aspects I hadn't considered, and your expertise made all the difference.

"Did you ultimately find that my quotes accurately described the services I provided?"

Yes, absolutely. It was reassuring for someone like me who was diving into this for the first time and afraid of surprises!

At the beginning of the renovation and furniture project, did you find that I explained well how the project would unfold and the stages of work and validation?

Yes, very well indeed.

Are there any elements where you would have wanted more or fewer choices?

The only area where I feel we moved quickly was in the bathroom regarding the tiles, but that's also because what we initially saw worked perfectly, and I'm very happy with the result.

For everything else, there were always the right number of options."


*summarized and translated

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